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Development lasts

After an earthquake, you rebuild your house. But to prepare for future shocks, you should think about building back your house better - right?

That's what Sustainable Development means: not just improving a society, but making improvements that last.

That's why we created nearly 1 million jobs in low-income communities last year alone, 41% for women. It's why we helped 1.4 million people living with HIV to get antiviral medication.

To make sure we have a positive impact - and an impact that lasts.

Development sows Democracy

Development reaps Peace

Where you work. Who you love. How you spend your life. As much as possible, you want to be in charge of the choices that affect you.

This belief is at the root of democracy and it is the main reason it supports peace: people will choose peaceful ways of affecting important decisions over violent ones.

So in 2014, we registered 18 million new voters and supported 15 national elections. Because we want youto be in charge of your own life and choices.

Development prevents Crisis

Development speeds Recovery

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time - especially for developing countries.

Imagine cyclones destroying the farmland you use for food, year after year. Or unpredictable droughts making it impossible to know when to plant.

That's why we run climate change projects in 140 countries. It's why we supported communities to adopt advanced solar systems in various isolated drylands areas.

To ensure that we take care of our planet, and of the generations of the future.


To reach the Global Goals we need real action.

Government leaders will take the first step on September 25 by adopting the Goals, but that's just the beginning. We need to tell everyone - here's how. We need everyone to keep reminding their leaders. And we need to all do our very best to directly act on the Goals as well – here's a few more things you can do.


Digital Good supports the work of the United Nations Development Programme. UNDP is on the ground in more than 170 countries to eradicate poverty, fight inequalities and end exclusion. What does that mean? See the results we achieved, with your help, last year.

With the new Global Goals, the world is starting an exciting new journey to sustainable development. We would love to have you join us. Become a Digital Good donor today, and join a community of millions that make real change possible, through the work of UNDP. With your support, we can reach the Goals.

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